Het Werkteater

Do you want a truly big tent for your event or happening? A tent with a lot of space, but that's still cosy? Then the Work Theatre, with a seating capacity of up to 800, is a great choice.

This popular tent is the biggest in our assortment and can be used for various purposes. From weddings to festivals, this tent is suitable when something big is being celebrated or performed.

Het Werkteater - afbeelding 1
Details The Work Theatre
Amount of people 150 - 1200 people
Amount of seats 800
Building time 2 days
Break down time 1 day
Dimensions 23 m wide x 30 m deep x 7.6 m high
Stage floor and audience seating (800 seats) or a flat floor
Fittings for light (light and sound not included)
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With or without stage

Depending on the occasion, a theatre floor with surrounding audience seats can be built. Performances in the middle of the tent will have the audience's full attention. In an intimate setting, all eyes are on the center of the stage.

The Work Theatre can also be installed with a flat floor on the full surface of the tent, which makes any imaginable party possible. The tent can house up to 2000 people like this.

Circus-like appearance

With a dark-blue tent surface and yellow-and-red side walls, the Work Theatre has a circus-like presence.

The interior of a stage surrounded by seats gives an even more circus-like sensation.

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