For a cosy, colourful tent like a fairytale, the Tower Room is your best bet. Besides the fact that the smallest tent in our assortment looks like a tower, a tower room has something mysterious about it. Passersby, especially children, always want to know what's going on inside this tent.

Torenkamer - afbeelding 1
Details Tower Room
Amount of people 15 - 50 people
Amount of seats 20
Build time 4 hours
Break down 3 hours
Dimensions 7,5 m wide x 7.5 m deep x 2.4 m high
wooden floor
wooden side walls

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Torenkamer - afbeelding 2
Torenkamer - afbeelding 3
De Opera - afbeelding 1 De Opera - afbeelding 2 De Opera - afbeelding 3

Small but awesome

This tent stimulates one's imagination and is often used for children's theatre, though it's also very suitable as an entrance space, a bar or a small (musical) performance. Feel free to use your imagination when planning how to use this tent.

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