Showcasefestival Eurosonic in Groningen

‘All of De Opera’s tents are unique in form and function. De Opera Tent itself was way ahead of its time when it was built, and is still extremely beautiful. Very useful for both sitting and standing shows, theatre pieces, presentations or to create a temporary restaurant with grandeur. One of the very few tents in the Netherlands with an integrated balcony. The Work Theatre is useable in many different ways. Can even be played double! Carvalho and Cavallone are the only real original horse stable tents, built after the Circus Strassburger’s horse stables. La Couronne speaks for itself. Tent Hire De Opera thinks with the event organiser and is always willing to adjust the tent or the logistics when necessary.”

'De Opera's tents are all unique in form and in function.'

- Dago Houben, General director | CEO