De Opera

Are you looking for a tent full of character for your party or event? Thousands have already enjoyed spectacular performances and exhibitions in the great De Opera Tent.

This first tent, from 1985, was the way we started our business De Opera. Former owner and steel worker Willem Hol designed it over 30 years ago for a travelling theatre and by now, the tent has been featured at plenty of festivals.

De Opera - afbeelding 1
Details De Opera
Amount of people 150 - 1000 people
Amount of seats 500
Build time 2 days
Break down 1 day
Dimensions 18 m wide x 25 m deep x 8.15 m high
With balcony
Optional: Stage, 500 plastic folding chairs and a bar

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Perfect acoustics and experience

Because of the high, domed ceiling, the acoustics in this tent are impressive. Whether it's an electric musical performance or a beautiful theatre show, we'll make sure each seat or standing location offers sufficient view of the stage. The unique thing about this tent is the balcony, allowing people to enjoy the atmosphere in this tent from high up as well.

De Opera gives audiences a total experience they won't quickly forget.

Colourful dome

The dome-shaped ceiling of the tent gives it a very impressive character. The playful lines and the colours white, blue and red give De Opera a festive appearance, which quickly creates an atmosphere.

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