Are you looking for an atmospheric hospitality tent? Look no further. The Cavalho is a tent with a beautiful wooden construction that can be fitted as a fully functioning restaurant, immediately bringing an Italian sense of style.

Founder Willem Hol built this tent to the original model of the Circus Strasbourg's horse stables. 'Cavalho' means 'horse' in Italian, and two life-sized horses are painted on the beautiful wooden entrance doors.

Cavalho - afbeelding 1
Details Cavalho
Amount of people 100 - 500 people
Amount of seats 360
Build time 1 day
Break down 1 day
Dimensions 9 m wide x 38.4 m deep x 4.8 m high
30 tables, 60 benches
wooden floor
bar without equipment

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Cosy interior

This warm restaurant tent can be fitted with wooden benches and tables which can seat up to 360 people. By using separation walls, cosy sitting areas can be created. With the Cavalho, we create an atmospheric and cosy space where your guests can enjoy each other's company and have a great meal.

Flexible and expandable

The Cavalho can be set up as two separate spaces or, with help of the tent Cavallone, can be expanded from 38 to an impressive 51 metres. This beautiful combination offers space for 600 people.

Sizewise this tent can be adjusted to any event. Because of this, in combination with its beautiful exterior, the Cavalho is the pride of our business.

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