Festival tent hire

Your occasion event will be even more special by hiring a nostalgic festival tent from De Opera .

Our six tents vary in size, but also in colour, decorating style and material. We have been in the tent business for over 33 years and have designed quite a number of tents ourselves.

From small (cosy) corporate events to large (stimulating) wedding festivals, we always have a tent that suits your needs. We are happy to advise you on choosing the right festival tent. Don't hesitate to ask us about the many options.

An authentic tent on your festival?event?city party?company party?wedding?

A successful event

The appearance and overall presentation of a festival tent are of paramount importance to the success of your festival, event or occasion. We'll be happy to help you accomplish this success by offering a tent that perfectly fits your intended theme and ambiance. Our tents are unique, both in form and function, and our wide assortment of tents has the perfect fit for every event.

We'll discuss the best location and options with you to ensure that your tent is constructed and disassembled on time. We're also highly flexible, guaranteeing reliable service. Our festival tents are as solid as our word.

Unique ambiance and experience

De Opera tents, with their authentic, nostalgic aesthetic and ambiance, deliver an experience your guests will not soon forget. Our tents will take your festival, event or other special occasion to a whole new level.

View our tents, pictured above, sample the ambiance of each one, and look at the different possibilities available. We'd be happy to provide you with a sharp offer, tailored to your event.


How much setup time do you need?

Naturally, this varies per tent. We'd gladly provide you with estimates for the (de)construction time per tent:

La Couronne
Build time: 6 hours
Deconstruction time: 4 hours
The Tower Room
Build time: 3 hours
Deconstruction time: 2 hours
Build time: 7 hours (depending on the length)
Deconstruction time: 5 hours (depending on the length)
Build time: 6 hours
Deconstruction time: 4 hours
De Opera
Build time: 1,5 day
Deconstruction time: 1 day
The Work Theatre
Build time: 1,5 day
Deconstruction time: 1 day
Can you set up tents in any location?

Most locations are possible. Please consult us for details. In the past, we've set up tents in a dried-up pond, and on top of a multi-storey car park, for example.
We'd prefer it if we could discuss the optimal routing to your location ahead of time, possibly with pictures to better gauge the site. That way, there aren't any surprises upon arrival.

To help picture things: The Work Theatre is transported with two trailers and De Opera and Cavalho with one trailer. A trailer is seventeen metres long. The La Couronne and the Cavallone can be transported with a nine metre long box truck, and the Tower Room with a trailer behind a car.

Can the ground slope a little?
It's important for there to be no more than half a metre's height difference across the full length of the tent. A lot can be done using steel stamps and blocks of wood to provide additional support, but that can only get you so far.
What are the approximate costs?
This varies greatly per assignment. For example, based upon transport needs and the duration of the event. We'll gladly make a suitable invoice.
Do you also supply chairs, tables, lighting, and decorations?
Most certainly, when it comes to the La Couronne and the Cavalho. View the details of each tent for further information concerning this matter.